Tips on Styling Your Wedding Dress with Accessories

I'm a minimalist when it comes to jewelry. There are days I don't wear jewelry with the exception of my wedding band. Roberta on the other hand is always rocking her latest Henri Bendel piece or custom earrings Erin Cole.  When it comes to wedding day, I'm a firm believer in a complete look including hairpiece, bracelet, earrings, veil, and garter.  When else will you get to be so fancy? Here are my top tips for styling your wedding dress without feeling like you are overdoing it. Simple is always elegant after all. 

Start with your bridal veil 

Even if you are thinking of not wearing one, try it on! Often my clients are surprised how much they love the added effect a veil creates. I think of veils as photo props. It's important to have one look for the ceremony and another look for the reception. A veil allows you to have two different looks from ceremony to reception. A veil should never take away from a dress, only complement. 

Pearl hair piece by Erin Cole accessories available in Orlando

Find your hairpiece before your hair trial

Once you have your veil, onto your hairpiece. You will probably never wear a hairpiece ever again in your life, so now is the time to at least test it out. This doesn't have to mean a full on royal wedding tiara like Meghan Markle. A detailed piece to pin in the back can enhance your veil and will be a great piece to leave in after you take your veil out. Make sure to find your hairpiece before your hair trial. Your hair artist will want to see your hairpiece before the wedding so they can get familiar with how to pin it in. 

hairpiece for wedding day hair and makeup

Try a stud earring, but also try a chandelier earring

We have plenty of beautiful stud options for earrings; however, it can easily get lost in your bridal hair. If you have a more elaborate hairpiece then a stud works well. If your hairpiece is more minimalistic or in the back of the head, than I strongly suggest trying on a larger earring. If you are hesitant, try a stud earring in one ear and a chandelier earring in the other. Look at the two different style earrings a foot away from the mirror and five feet from the mirror.  

styling for your Orlando wedding with erin cole earrings and accessories

You don't have to match your wedding jewelry to your wedding colors

Sometimes we get really overwhelmed with decisions or we are anxious about seeing it all come together so we decide to match everything. Wedding jewelry is not the time to be match-matchy. In addition to avoiding matching jewelry sets, you should also avoid matching your jewelry to your wedding colors. If you are into cohesive looks, consider using the same metal color as your wedding band.

Wear your bracelet on your right wrist

Some bracelets may snag. If your wedding dress is chiffon, georgette,  or charmeuse; you may want to consider not wearing a bracelet. If not, definitely try one on. There are so many photos of your hands holding your bouquet or holding your partners hand. Make sure to wear it on your right wrist so it doesn't compete with your engagement ring and wedding band. 


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