Our thoughts on ball gowns

Ball Gowns: Cake topper or Show stopper? 

Often when a bride thinks of a typical wedding dress, she thinks of a huge white ball gown with a Princess Diana style train. Maybe it's because of the fairy tales we watch at a young age. Many women mistake A-line dresses for ball gowns. A ball gown is a full skirt with a short waist while an A-line dress has a softer skirt and longer bodice. 

Things to consider when selecting a ball gown

Though ball gowns are glamorous & often traditional, they can be very hard to wear on a brides wedding day. Consider what type of person and what style of wedding you are having when shopping for your gown. If you love to dance and party, a ball gown is not the best option for you. The fullness of the skirt on a ball gown makes it very hard to get close to people and to walk around. Saying hello to guests and dancing is not easy in this type of gown. Also, consider your height and shape. Ball gowns can be very overwhelming to petite brides.  The full skirt and short bodice will not elongate women, it will make a petite bride appear much smaller. 

My recommendation for the bride who wants to wear a ball gown

For a bride that wants to wear a ball gown, consider purchasing two wedding gowns. Wear your ball gown down the aisle and for photos. Not many women get the chance to wear ball gowns in their lifetime. However, to enjoy your wedding and to be able to dance and walk around, slip on your slimmer gown for your reception.

For the petite bride and the bride who wants to wear a full skirt for the entire wedding and not purchase two wedding dresses, an A-line gown would be perfect for her. An A-line is not as full and usually has a longer bodice, making the bride appear taller.  

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