Deux Birds: A local online vintage boutique having so much in common with us.

 Over the past year, I found myself not shopping at the mall as much and spending more time in consignment shops & shopping from Instagram based vintage stores. This started when I wanted different pieces, I dress pretty classic, but I was tired of seeing the same thing in every store. While shopping around on Instagram and jumping from account to account, I came across Deux Birds (@deuxbirds). Deux Birds is an Instagram and online based vintage store. After shopping the selection, I read the about me page on the website, I soon fell in love with the brand and integrity of  Deux Birds. Because every piece of clothing is hand picked by Robin, I saw many similarities between Deux Birds & The Bridal Finery. So, I decided to reach out and introduce myself. Over a cup of coffee at Foxtail Coffee in Winter Park, Robin shared her story with me & I shared mine with her. I am always inspired by female entrepreneurs, especially when they are young like myself.  With a background in marketing & a natural entrepreneurial spirit, Robin knew she was ready to launch her own business and Instagram was the place to do it. Robin always dabbled in selling clothes and items online, but after two years of working at a marketing firm, she was ready to sell clothes full time. 

  Quality is most important at The Bridal Finery and Deux Birds, so Robin and I spoke about the importance of quality quite a bit. When Robin is buying pieces to resell, quality is what she focuses on. Only items in excellent condition make the cut, as she wants her clients to trust her and to be beyond happy with their purchase. She told me she thinks of how she would want to be treated as a customer. Robin hand selects all of the Deux Birds pieces locally and does not buy items in bulk so each piece is one of a kind. She will go shopping 2 to 3 times a week at different thrift stores and consignment stores. Robin also shared with me that consignment and vintage stores have higher quality pieces than many stores in the mall because the pieces are typically older or vintage so they have stood the test of time.  In addition to quality, Robin also takes the environment into consideration when owning her business. Consignment is incredibly beneficial to the environment because it does not contribute to fast fashion and the mass production of clothing.

I had many questions about the operations side of owning a business that strictly runs on Instagram. Because Instagram is completely photo-based, her content is just as important as what she is selling. She shared with me that she models all her pieces and she uses an iPhone for photography. Using an iPhone over a digital camera allows her to upload new content instantly, and provides a more relatable look and feel.

Robin celebrated her one year anniversary of Deux Birds in August and shared with me a few future ideas she has for her company and where she sees it going. Though I wouldn't share them, she is defiantly one to follow and keep up with. To follow & shop Deux Birds click here

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