Tour of Designer Anita Aguirre's Studio of Lace Veils & Bridal Robes

We love brands that have a story. To meet the person behind the brand is one of the many reasons I adore what I do. I've always admired watching people create something beautiful with their hands. I think it all started when I was younger. I would watch my grandfather paint landscape with oils and my aunt create extravagant florals for Miami weddings. I can remember the first time I helped set up a wedding at Vizcaya Museum in Miami. I think at seven years old I was more fascinated with the production and the creation of weddings then dreaming of prince charming. It was like live artwork to me.  

So many details for one day was such a magical concept for me and still is. When I meet wedding fashion designers, I always feel inspired and have to hear their full story. Designer Anita Aguirre of Girl & A Serious Dream is no exception. Formerly trained as an architect and now pattern maker, Anita launched her lace robe collection online followed by acquiring authorized retailers. We couldn't be more excited to one of her retailers. Since launch Anita has expanded into veils and lingerie.

Last month Roberta and I had the opportunity to tour her studio in Gainesville. Here are a few quick snaps from our tour. Surrounded by French and Italian fabrics, she shared with us her pattern making process and how she cuts them all by hand. We even had the chance to see a sneak peek of a new bridesmaid print she is releasing. 

There is a comfortable, relaxed vibe to her studio. At the end of the tour she shares with us her favorite part about her studio, her next door neighbor neighbor. It turns out, it is her husband. He owns a computer repair company and everyday they have lunch together! Through the hustle and bustle of running an international brand, she still finds to time to enjoy what is most important, love. 

As I'm writing this, our veil collection is on the way. Anita walked us through the veil collection and we came up with a selection of lace veils for The Bridal Finery bride! We are 12 days way from opening our doors at our Winter Park boutique. We will be spending the next couple of days prepping, steaming, and tagging every veil. The veils are such an important part of our experience. It frames the wedding dress. Come in and try on the Girl & A Serious Dream collection.  Check out our Instagram and Facebook as we reveal the collection!