Givenchy Wedding Dresses

Meghan Markle walked down the aisle in her Givenchy wedding dress just hours ago. Givenchy has been worn by American pop stars for years including Beyonce and Kim Khardasian. This was a less traditional fashion choice as seen by other royals. Since Meghan is an American actress, I feel this was the right design house for her. The designer Clare Weight Keller took over the role of Givenchy's Creative Director in 2017. While Clare is new to Givenchy, I was curious about the recent collections of Givenchy wedding dresses.

Here is a collection of Givenchy wedding dresses I found with a modern approach of wedding fashion. The pieces are truly runway and are for a bride open to putting fashion ahead of other's opinions. It is for the risk taker. Of course lining and coverage can always be added to any dress with sheer illusion. We have to keep in mind their may be grandparents at the wedding. 

Givenchy wedding dresses in 2017 runway 
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Often clients struggle to find true runway looks in local bridal boutiques.  A wedding dress on the runway looks different in stores because buyers make modifications to it. At The Bridal Finery we truly offer runway dresses not available in any other boutique nation-wide. We work with a team of luxury bridal designers who send us their runway samples. They are not modified for our store as they are the actual dress that was worn down the runway. We have dresses that didn't make it into production because they weren't "safe" enough for the market. A traditional boutique needs to sell a dress 5-10 times at least. The buyers shy away from the runway looks. Umm... send them here please. We love runway. An edgy bride needs options too.

The runway collection is a more petite cut. We offer dresses ranging from size 0-16; however, the runway dresses are true runway fit. In bridal, this typically means a size 6-8 which fits like a size 4-6. Sometimes petite brides struggle shopping for their wedding dress because of all the clamping. The runway collection is a way for petite brides to try on dresses closer to their size.

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