Interview with Orlando Makeup and Hair Artist - Simone with Makeover Station

Yesterday I had the opportunity to interview Simone Rosas, Owner of Makeover Station. Simone and I met years ago when I moved to Orlando to continue my career in bridal fashion. From photo shoots to real brides, Simone always delivers a beautiful look. Recently we had the chance to be styled by Simone. Also, she is recovering my hair from a horrible cut I got at a salon I won't mention.  As I sit in her makeup chair, I'm reminded of the vast knowledge she has for the hair and makeup industry. I decided to use the rest of our time to ask her key questions to help future brides with their wedding day. I'm so glad I did! I hope you enjoy the interview.


When did you start in the business?

Oh my gosh! 19 years ago! I didn't take it seriously in the beginning and now look here I am 19 years later. 

When did you start to consider makeup and hair as a profession?

I was actively working and had a mentor. She thought I had done makeup before and said I was a natural. I didn’t realize she was a successful makeup artist in NY. She opened a lot of doors for me.  

When did did you start your company?

In 2002, I was living in the US and started doing bridal makeup.  

Why bridal makeup?

I worked in retail, fashion and print. I didn’t want to move to a big city. I loved Orlando and enjoyed helping the local bride with her wedding day. While I still do commercial work, I Iove offering my skills to everyday people. Bridal allows me to do that. 

What should brides do to prepare for their meeting with you?

Two inspiration pictures of hair and two inspiration pictures of makeup. Try Pinterest to find your inspiration. Narrow it down so we can achieve what you love. It helps when I have a good idea of who you are and what you don’t like. If you wear red lips, then you should still wear a bright color on wedding day. 

Who should you go to for inspiration?

My dream would be for a bride to come in and share the venue and wedding dress details with me. From there I would be able to provide her with a concept for hair and makeup.  It would be great to share all my beauty advice and create a concept from scratch for a client. 

v-neck lace wedding dress in blush. 

Do you recommend tanning?

If you have the skin that tans naturally, tanning a little is fine. If you have porceiln skin, do not self tan or tan outside right before the wedding.  If you self tan, do a quickly spray over your face. If you tan your body and your face, it will look more natural. The goal is to look good in person and your photos will look beautiful. (Photographer Amalie Orrange was in the room during this question so we had to ask her as well! She says if you tan nicely then go take for 10 minutes in the sound. It's nice to have a fresh tan for wedding day. When it comes to makeup, airbrush only!)

What about skin preparation for wedding day?

At least three months before your wedding have a facial.  I recommend Derma Planning  for brides with peach fuzz. The procedure removes all the facial hair and dead skin cells  that makeup tends to magnify. It is quick and painless.

What about hair preparation?

Regular trims and hydrating treatments, if you have a hair dresser, have them freshen your color two weeks out. Makeover Station offers these services as well.  We are a full service makeup and hair boutique salon.  

What trends do you see for makeup that a bride could apply on her wedding day?

To be honest, I don’t like trends for weddings. Trends determine a time and place. If she gets married with trendy hair and makeup then in six years she is not in love with her photos. I’m a fan of doing something that is appropriate for your day and wedding dress. Oh and hire a good photographer! 

What about the night before the wedding?

Clean and dry your hair. A lot of people think dirty hair is a good thing. That is not the case with professional hair. Make sure to not show up with dirty hair. Don't add product. Light heat protector is fine. I recommend Pravana products. 

What about engagement session?

They should not be used for trial runs. Engagement sessions are more of a relaxed look. Unless you want the same exact look look as your wedding day it’s not a good idea. 

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Photos by Amalie Orrange Photography