Buying Off the Rack: Your Purchasing Perks and the Need to Know

Here at The Bridal Finery, we are known for our unique store concept. We are an off the rack bridal boutique. We are the first boutique in the Orlando and Winter Park area to be selling gowns sustainably and off the rack. While sample sales have been around forever, off the rack bridal boutiques are relatively new. This new concept allows brides to shop sample sales everyday. Because we are a new concept bridal boutique to the Central Florida area, we often are questioned what the perks are of purchasing off the rack. Continue to read as we share the perks and what you need to know before purchasing an off the rack gown.

Who should shop off the rack for their wedding gown?

  • Brides who are savvy and stylish should shop off the rack. Our brides are fashion lovers, but are smart with their money. They want the designer labels, but understand they have an entire wedding to plan. If you shop at Nordstrom’s Rack for example, off the rack bridal is perfect for you! You will have access to the leading bridal designers at opening bridal price points. Brides who are environmentally friendly and like to wear sustainable fashion should shop off the rack for their wedding gown. When you purchase off the rack, you are eliminating the production process, which conserves water and minimizes waste.

  • Brides with shorter engagements should also shop off the rack. Typically, wedding gowns take up to 9 months for delivery and an additional 6 to 8 weeks for alterations. If your wedding is only a few months to a few weeks away, shopping off the rack allows you to have a wedding gown ready for whenever your big day is.

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What are the perks of purchasing an off the rack wedding dress?

  • Off the rack bridal stores have curated selections of varying designers. We source our gowns directly from designers and partnering bridal boutiques. This means we do not receive an entire season of gowns. However, this does mean we have either one of a kind pieces or top sellers. Brides will be able to shop the best of the best from each featured designer.

  • Brides who shop off the rack save. Our gowns at The Bridal Finery are anywhere from 30% to 70% off retail. Our store ranges from $2,000 to $10,000. However, these would regularly retail for $3,500 and up.

What alterations are needed when I am purchasing an off the rack wedding gown?

  • Whether a bride is reordering a gown, or purchasing one off the rack, she will need alterations. At The Bride Finery, we offer in house alterations. Brides can completely transform their gowns and make them into one of a kind dresses. Standard alterations start at 8 weeks before your wedding, but if you have a short engagement, we are able to accommodate a quick turn around.

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What is the condition of off the rack wedding dress?

  • When a bride is purchasing a gown off the rack, she is purchasing it in it’s current condition. Gowns at The Bridal Finery can be found in like new to lightly loved on condition. If a gown is not reparable, we will kindly send it back to the designer or donate the gown. When a bride purchases a gown, the gown will be dry cleaned and then repaired in alterations.