Tali Interviews Roberta on Her Trip to Bridal Fashion Week in New York City

Last month Roberta visited New York City for Bridal Fashion Week! The bi-annual event is an occasion we look forward to year around.  I stayed back to help launch our boutique while Roberta explored all things new in bridal fashion. Today we took a break from opening preparations to chat about her trip. Check out my interview with Roberta. 

What was your purpose in attending Bridal Fashion Week?  

To find the right wedding dresses for The Bridal Finery and to work with Maria Elena Headpieces. I was invited to help Maria Elena Headpieces present their latest collection to buyers all over the world. 

What trends did you find in wedding dresses? 

Deep v-necklines, detachable trains, removable capes, and some blue tones. 

What trends did you see in accessories? 

Bolder pieces and unexpected shapes. Erin Cole showed a collection of fresh, read-to-wear earrings for a not so typical style. Lots of crowns! Maria Elena Headpieces created a beautiful collection of new crowns and headbands. Their headpieces were found on the runways throughout Bridal Fashion Week, including Berta's fashion show. The veils were more architectural than classic. Traditional mantillas are long gone.


Roberta with designer Maria elena and her fashion director gisele. 

Roberta with designer Maria elena and her fashion director gisele. 

Is there a trend you saw that you don't care for?

Yes! Slits. Way too high. Slits work if they are mid thigh or lower. Higher than that is not bridal appropriate. 

What did you enjoy most about work with Maria Elena team? 

Seeing the different stores and hearing about the diversity of brides throughout the world.  In Asia, most stores buy multiples of bridal and accessory pieces because they rent them instead of special order. Rental is very common throughout the world. The U.S. is one of the few countries that focuses on special order for accessories and wedding dresses. The Bridal Finery is a nice in between. You really get the best of both worlds. When purchasing a resale or sample sale wedding dress, you have the option to alter and customize all while enjoying it at a fraction of retail.  We carry resale and special order accessories as well. 

What fashion shows did you attend?

Marchesa, Inbal Dror with Rebekah with Runway Event, and Berta Bridal.. 

Roberta at the marchesa bridal fashoin presentation during ny bridal fashion week

Roberta at the marchesa bridal fashoin presentation during ny bridal fashion week

My favorite fashion presentation was by Lela Rose. It was in a sculptural garden. There was a live band, lanterns everywhere, and they were serving Lela's low country lemonade. It was delicious. I had to take an extra bottle to enjoy later.  The Knot was interviewing Lela about her collection. And her outfit! She always looks gorgeous! 

Roberta drinking lela rose's low country lemonade 

Roberta drinking lela rose's low country lemonade 

When you weren't working what did you do in NYC?

I went to tons of restaurants.  My favorite was a Greek restaurant. I joined the Maria Elena Headpieces team and the ladies from Lovella Bridal in Glendale. Gisele, the Fashion Director from Maria Elena, and I shared a fish. 

What was your funniest moment?

When we ran into actors and I had no idea who they were. Everyone else seemed to know. It turned out it was the crew from the Walking Dead,  Sonequa Martin-Green and Tom Payne. Everyone else knew. Tony from Rivini Bridal filled me in and we took selfies. I guess I need to watch the show now. 

If you were getting married tomorrow, which designer would you wear?

I would wear two dresses. One Ines Di Santo and a Rivini. The Bridal Finery makes it a lot easier to buy two wedding dresses! 

What did you wear to Bridal Fashion Week?

A floral high-low 3/4 sleeve dress the first day with burgundy heels and Erin Cole earrings.  The second day, Maria Elena earrings with a Zara flutter shirt. Other days, classic black and all Maria Elena accessories of course.

roberta wearing maria elena headpieces earrings

roberta wearing maria elena headpieces earrings

Why did you want to work for Maria Elena during bridal fashion week?

To get a different perspective from the designer's side. And to learn more about the industry. Working side by side with the designers provides me with knowledge I can take back to The Bridal Finery and share with my brides.

What do you think of the new Theia Bridal gown collection?  

Beautiful, classic, easy to wear, and a great price point. They fit a bride size 0 - 20 which is really important to me. I'm excited to announce we are hosting a trunk show November 27th - December 3rd featuring the Theia wedding dress collection! 

What is something you always bring with you to Bridal Fashion Week?

Still standing, gum - Trident White Peppermint (pack of 180 pieces!),  comfortable heels - Carmen Steffens (my favorite  Brazilian shoe designer), and extra contacts. 

As the Owner of The Bridal Finery what felt different going to BFW?

Not going with a crew and going by myself.  During the Lela Rose Fashion Presentation I was by myself. It felt different not having tons of people to consult with. I was able to make my own decisions. It felt easier. I could make gut decisions instead of a group consultation. 

maria elena headpieces colleciton 

maria elena headpieces colleciton 

What are your plans for Bridal Fashion Week in Spring?

I have no idea (insert classic Roberta laugh here). Who knows, we might be buying for two stores. I haven't planned that far. We have been focused on getting the store open. We opened our doors on Monday, November 20, 2017 with a classic ribbon cutting. There wasn't much of a crowd, just ours husbands to see us make it official.  

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