Sexy Has No Size - Theia Couture Plus Size Wedding Dresses

The bridal industry always seems to be delayed in following the influential changes in the fashion world. From Project Runway to New York Fashion Week, designers are starting to show real woman walking down the runway. Our made-to-order wedding dress designer, Theia Couture - Don O'Neil, has always been known for making headlines during his fashion presentations. This past October was no exception. Don celebrates women and their individual styles. We were pleasantly surprised when this beautiful model came walking down the runway. Finally, real women in wedding dresses! I feel like brides have been voicing this issue regarding the lack of size options in bridal for years. Luckily Don was listening! I'm so happy to see the industry I dearly love is making a change for the better. 

One of the top reasons we decided to create The Bridal Finery was to offer more size options for brides looking for their dream wedding dress. Nothing is worse than helping a bride and realizing she cannot try on anything because you don't have her size. It is the worse feeling and something we never want any of our clients to experience at our boutique. Not only does Theia Couture carry a wide range of sizes (0-16),  the materials are so comfy and have a nice breathable stretch to them.  A wedding day is hours long and involves your photographer asking you to hike in your wedding dress to odd locations around the venue to get that one shot. Trust me, being comfortable is effortless glam all the way. 

Now let's talk about what dress for what size. Everyone always asks what dress works for their body type. After fitting women in undergarments and wedding dresses all these years, I think more about the quality and fabric of the dress then I do actual shape of the dress.  Honestly, the most flattering silhouette is a modified mermaid dress, known as a trumpet. And lace is by far the most flattering fabric. In the past I think designers thought if a bride was curvy she should wear a ballgown. I love that Don said "Sexy has no size." At the end of the day, we are not all ballgown brides. While ballgowns are classic, I personally prefer less fabric. The overall trend in fashion is sexy and it has been for years. I love how Don celebrates that women can be sexy at any size. I hope more brides embrace a sexy silhouette if that is what fits in with their personal style. The perfect dress is a balance of what flatters and represents your style. It has to have both. It has to look flawless and be "so you." XO Tali



I'm so happy to see the industry I dearly love is making a change for the better. 

Curvy women in ivory beaded mermaid wedding dress from bridal finery in central florida