Top Wedding Dress Designers at Bridal Finery

It goes without saying when you find the dress you just know. Searching through all of the designers and wedding trends to find the perfect dress, on the other hand, can be somewhat difficult. The experience behind the Bridal Finery is to ultimately ensure that we find the perfect dress for you. We do this by working with dress designers to get gowns straight from the runway.  We connect with our fashion designers to make sure that the highest quality and most forward fashion gowns in Bridal Couture are available to you. So let's go ahead and dive into the top wedding dress designers at the Bridal Finery.

Top Wedding Dress Designers

Monique Lhuillier

Bridal gowns and Monique Lhuillier go hand-in-hand. Whenever any woman that is engaged starts researching wedding dresses, her brand always pops up. It goes without saying that Monique Lhuillier’s designs capture a level of sophisticated luxury and also an essence of playfulness that isn't seen from most wedding dress designers.

Though she specializes in wedding dresses she also has a collection of evening wear gowns that feature Luxe fabrics, textures, and exquisite construction as well as a line of footwear and bags to go along with your wedding dress.

Below is a photo of designer, Monique Lhuillier in her design studio making final touches to her lace ball gown. Photo taken from the official @moniquelhuillier Instagram.

Monique lhuillier ball gown lace ball gown winter park designer bridal

Ines Di Santo

Ines Di Santo has a sophisticated, glamorous style that is actually very unique to her designs. She has a style that is seen a lot in couture designs, but she also plays with the feminine side of beauty. Being raised in Buenos Aires has given her design roots that are planted deep in Spanish culture.  Add her Fine Art Studies in Milan, and you have a recipe for some of the most breathtaking wedding dresses in the industry. There’s a reason why she’s one of the top wedding dress designers to date and a staple at the Bridal Finery.

Below is a photo of a model wearing an Ines Di Santo wedding gown at her Fall 2019 fashion show in New York City. Photo taken from the official @inesdisanto instagram.

ines di santo bridal designer.PNG

Galia Lahav

Art and Fashion.  When you think of fashion and design, you have to think of art.  At the end of it all, to be a top wedding dress designer in the wedding industry, you have to be an artist.  Galia Lahav left her career in education as art and craft teacher to pursue her fashion house and love of design. Needless to say, her style and designs are top tier amongst an over-saturated industry. Galia Lahav wedding gowns are known to be edgy, sexy, and striking.

Below is a photo of a real bride

Galia lahav wedding gown low back dress designer

BERTA Bridal

Berta Balilti is the sole designer at the fashion house Berta Bridal.  Berta is an Israeli based fashion house that operates internationally. The company was founded by her son-in-law Nir and was branded by her namesake.  After studying Fashion at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv, she began to form her own unique style.  That style and feel of her brand and design have attracted multiple celebrities and their stylists.  You can see plenty of celebrities wearing her evening gowns to red carpet events and outings. The recognition of her brand with many attendees on the red carpet propelled the brand and team as one of the most sought after designers in the industry.

Models wearing BERTA & Maria Elena Headpieces after the BERTA fashion show at Bridal Fashion Week in New York City.

Mira Zwillinger

Mira Zwillinger is yet another fashion house based out of Tel Aviv, Israel.  The company started out in 1991 as a Mother and Daughter team. It still is to this day operated by the two of them.  As they grew over the years, they expanded the reach of retailers that sold their gowns and dresses based on demand. Each dress is custom made to measure and leaves a room in awe.  Their modern design and contemporary look give off elegance and level of sophistication unlike any other. They make a team that are unlike any of the top wedding dress designers out there.

mira zwillinger wedding designer.PNG