Tips on How to Select Your Destination Wedding Dress

A ballroom is not always a dream wedding location for every bride & her fiance. For some, going beach-bound is the way to go. Whether the bride is eloping or inviting her whole family, destination weddings are perfect for a bride who wants wear a gown that is typically seen as 'non-traditional'. A destination wedding dress is usually different than a traditional wedding dress because of traveling & the local scenery. When a bride's photo backdrop is tropical palm trees, crashing waves, and an unforgettable sunset, a dress that is lightweight & flows with the salty breeze usually fits best.

When choosing a wedding dress for your destination wedding, here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting your gown:

  • Be sure to select a dress that is easy to pack

    This is the most important tip to remember. For most people, a destination wedding means flying with your dress to the venue. When selecting your wedding gown, be sure to let your bridal stylist know you will be flying with your wedding gown. At The Bridal Finery, when we are helping a bride find her destination wedding dress, we will share tips on how to travel with your dress. However, for immediate tips on how to travel with your dress for your destination wedding, click here

  • Comfortable - Comfort for any bride is so important. Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life. My biggest recommendation for any bride is to wear what makes you not only feel beautiful but what makes you feel comfortable. When a bride is getting married in a different state or country, this is also her vacation. Wearing a lightweight dress that is easy to sit, eat, and dance in will add to every bride’s wedding day memories. But how will you know if a gown is comfortable? At The Bridal Finery, if a bride is having a destination wedding, we will recommend she wear silk instead of polyester. Silk is incredibly soft on the skin and is much lighter in weight, making it also easier to pack.  
  • Choose a darker color- One of the main reason couples choose to have a destination wedding is because of the scenery & location. Whether a couple is getting married on the beach in Mexico or on a mountain in Iceland, remember to wear colors that pair with the setting. Whenever a wedding is outside, it is always best to wear a wedding gown that is ivory or cream, blush, or nude. We always recommend wearing creamy tones instead of white because white outside can be harsh in photos.
  • Know your dress will leave the wedding in a different condition than it arrived in- Having a destination wedding allows couples to have vogue worthy photos. Chances are your photographer will take advantage of the scenery and want to take photos of you and your husband or wife in different locations. From walking around and being adventurous in your wedding gown, there is a chance it will have more wear and tear on it when you are leaving the wedding than entering. However, the good news is, after you return from your wedding, we offer a cleaning service. For more information and to have your wedding gown cleaned, contact us at 407-960-5225. 

Because The Bridal Finery is located in the Sunshine State and just 10 minutes from Downtown Orlando, we have so many destination & beach wedding dresses. Here are just a few we currently have in our store. For more information on our entire destination wedding dress selection & to try these gowns on, click here.