Trunk Shows: What Are They? Should I Attend One?

In the world of bridal and wedding planning, you often come across events and terms you have never heard of before. Trunk shows are one of them. Trunk shows are an event in bridal shops where boutiques feature one (or more) designers. The designer will send their full current collection as well as special request pieces from the brides or boutique. Brides may receive incentives to purchase during the trunk show as well as have the chance to meet the designer. We share all the need to know about trunk shows.

Trunk shows

Why should I attend a trunk show?

Brides should attend a trunk show if they find themselves liking multiple styles from the same designer. Designers will send their full collection so brides have access to more than just the samples in the store.

What are the perks of attending a trunk show?

In addition to having access to the designers full collection, there are so many perks to attending a trunk show. There are often designer appearances (yes, you can meet the designer!) as well as purchasing incentives such as custom change options or discounts. Be sure to ask what the incentives are at the specific trunk show you are attending. Bridal boutiques are privately owned, so the owner may opt out of having discounts or incentives. Trunk show incentives and discounts are only available during the trunk show dates, so be ready to decision make.

How do I book a trunk show appointment?

Contact the boutique you are wanting to book the appointment with. Let them know you are interested in attending the trunk show. The boutique may have special appointment times set for the trunk show. To book an appointment with us, click here.

What types of Trunk Shows are there?

Wedding gown trunk shows are the most popular, however, there are so many different types of trunk shows. Boutiques can host accessory and jewelry trunk shows, bridal intimates and undergarments, shoes, bridesmaids dresses, and evening wear trunk shows. Be sure to ask your bridal boutique what type of trunk shows they host and what are the scheduled dates. At The Bridal Finery, we host bridal accessory, bridal/ bridesmaids robes, and jewelry trunk shows.