Wedding Veil Lengths and How to Pick the Right One | A Bridal Guide

Once you have the perfect dress, choosing the right veil is the next major accessory that impacts the overall feel and look for your wedding attire.  There are so many options out there that sometimes it can get a little overwhelming. There’s a couple of things that we consider when talking about veil lengths and how to pick the right one for your big day.

Real bride, Maddie wearing a Cathedral veil. Photo by @evankrause_

cathedral tulle veil

Different Wedding Veil Lengths

Bird Cage (4-9”)

Bird Cage veils are a very fun editorial veil. They’re petite veils that can be made in a traditional tulle or Russian netting. These veils can be worn on wedding day or be work as a prop for a boudoir photo shoot.

Shoulder Length (20-22”)

Shoulder length veils are a very classic veil. Because iconic bride, Audrey Hepburn wore a shoulder length veil on her wedding day, this veil is often worn down runways and is seen as fashion forward.

Blusher Veil (30”)

The blusher veil is worn over the brides face as she walks down the aisle. The blusher is 30 inches in length, stopping around the waistline on the bride. This veil is connected to a longer veil that ranges in length from 42 inches, 90 inches, or 108 inches.

Elbow Length (32”)

An Elbow length wedding veil that falls right at the elbow.  This veil lengths pairs perfectly with a-line and ball gowns because of the length. We don’t typically recommend this veil for a bride that is wearing a fitted gown because it can create a harsh line on the bride.

Fingertip Length (38-40”)

Fingertip Length wedding veils are one of the most popular veil lengths. This length is popular because it gives brides the freedom to wear a veil, however, it is short enough to not feel overwhelming.

Knee Length (48”)

Knee length veils are perfect for different wedding gown silhouettes. The veil is short enough to wear during the reception. Brides are free to dance around freely, and not have to worry about your veil being stepped on or caught anywhere.  This veil should fall anywhere between your knee and mid-calf.

Waltz Veil (60”)

The Waltz Veil, sometimes called a Ballet Veil, is very similar to the knee length.  It’s still long and very comfortable to wear during the reception. The only difference is that it should fall between the mid-calf and ankle.

Floor Length (72”)

The Floor Length Veil kisses the floor just as you do.  This wedding veil is perfect for the bride that wants a long veil, but does not want a train.

Chapel Length (90”)

Chapel length veils give the bride a small train. This sweet and romantic veil works best for a bride that does not have a train on their gown. This veil gives the bride a train, but does not feel over whelming.

Cathedral Length (105-120”)

The Cathedral Length Veil is a classic and most well known veil. Because of the name and length of the veil,most brides think this veil only works for church ceremony weddings. However, the Cathedral veils give brides an elegant entrance at any venue.

Royal Length (140”)

Recent iconic brides like Meaghan Markle and Priyanka Chopra have inspired brides to wear a veil even longer than a Cathedral length. While some brides thought Priyanka’s veil was ‘extra’ or over stated, long veils are a bold accessory that

bridal veil cathedral veil


In the end, we always recommend to try on a few of the veils that we have.  You never really know what you’ll love until you put it on. There are different wedding veils combinations that work with different silhouettes.  We’ll guide you every step of the way.