Wedding Dress Color Guide | Different Shades of White

The search for the perfect dress isn’t just about style or the right silhouette, but also about the perfect color to match your skin tones.  Looking at all the different options that are out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. From White to Champagne, we’ll talk about some of the different colors that are out there and our thoughts on them.  Here’s our Wedding Dress Color Guide.

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Stark White

This is the brightest of the brightest white that you can get for your wedding dress.  This dress is normally bleached in order to achieve this color, so it’s available from most dress designers.  You have to be careful with this color though because it doesn’t compliment every skin tone out there.

Natural White

Natural white is a little darker than Stark White, but it’s not as dark as Ivory.  The difference is subtle, but again, this is why we’re writing this wedding dress color guide.  This is a perfect shade for brides that have skin tones and complexions that would be washed out with a lighter dress.  It’s also found in natural materials used to make wedding dresses. This color is also known to be easier to work with when taking your wedding portraits on the big day.


By far, one of the most popular colors when it comes to wedding dresses.  This color is sometimes referred to as eggshell. The beauty about this color is that it complements almost all skin tones and complexions out there.  The only one that might give it issues are olive skin tones because it might bring out a little too much yellow. All of it is dependent on the shade of ivory, too.


Champagne colors and undertones are a great way to stray away from the classic white, without going straight into the black or darker side of the color spectrum.  The great thing about Champagne is that it changes color depending on the material the designer used for the dress. Sometimes you’ll see champagne underlay with an ivory lace dress on top, which accentuates the lace and detail.  In some instances, a portion of the dress will be champagne to help bring out attention.


Seeing as how this color stands for purity, it only seems natural that it would be used for wedding dresses.  It has a creamy tone that is rich and is usable with most skin tones. There’s a certain majestic feeling that comes with this color.


There are so many different colors when it comes to wedding dresses.  A wedding dress color guide seemed only natural when talking to the different options that are out there.  If you have any questions about anything, then schedule a time to stop by so we can talk more about what you have in mind.  Let’s find the perfect wedding dress for your wedding day.

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