10 Tips for Shopping for Your Wedding Dress - For the Not So Girly-Girl

Some of us dreamed about our wedding when we were five years old and the rest of us questioned if we will ever meet the right partner. I'm some where in the middle. A few weeks ago a client thanked me for being professional and to the point. The "to the point" part had me little concerned and I thought maybe I had been a little too blunt. I love to be honest with my clients, but of course there is always a polite way around everything. She continued to explain the challenges she had when she went wedding dress shopping throughout Central Florida. They all related to her not being the type of girl looking for a magical moment. She wanted to find her wedding dress and move on to the rest of planning. This got me thinking. I love sharing advice here on the blog, but I struggle sometimes because my clients are all so different and unique in their own way. For example, a second time bride may have different emotions and concerns than a bride who is in her 20s marrying her high school sweetheart. I would love for all my brides to benefit from reading the blog so I'm kicking off a blog series on tips for shopping for your wedding dress. I'll start with the "not so girly girl". Enjoy!

1. Ask for a Senior Bridal Stylist. 

Roberta and I have been doing this for a combined 20 years(crazy!). While there are many professions way more complicated than bridal styling, there are tricks of the trade that come with experience. When you are calling a boutique, ask for a Senior Stylist. Tell them you would really love to find your dress today and would like someone with experience on styling and alterations. 

2. Tell your stylist how you like to shop. 

If your not a shopper and you would rather find the dress quicker than later, let your stylist know. Opinions are a good idea for some brides, but overwhelming for others. Give your stylists tips on you like to shop. 

3. Don't buy a wedding dress online. 

We get it. Going to a traditional wedding dress boutique can be intimidating. Give it a shot though. I think people assume Roberta and I talk about fashion 24/7 and sleep in our heels. We have more things in common with you than you may think. We know you may not cry when you find the one. Which leads me to my next tip. 

4. Don't expect to cry when you find the one.

Those reality show tears really mean the bride is hangry because she has been repeating her words over and over for hours without a snack break. If you are not a crier, that is okay. Go for the wedding dress you feel like a bride in whether it gave you tears or not. Note: I'm not a crier and I did not cry when I found my dress, but when I walked down the aisle I bawled! 

5. Your crew may want you to keep on trying on wedding dresses. 

If you are not a girly-girl, chances are someone in your crew is the epitome of girly-girl. She will want you to try on wedding dresses until...forever. Well, until it's not fun anymore. Why take the fun out of it. Talk to your crew and remind them that you don't love shopping and would love to find your dress sooner than later. 

6. You should still try on a wedding veil.

I know you may not be traditional and veil seems like something not for you, but just try it. Try on one long, single tier, no gather at the comb veil. It might surprise you. If you hate it, take it off immediately and don't try another one on. 

7. Try to relax and let the professionals spoil you.

We know you are super self sufficient and you don't need us to tell you how beautiful you look every five minutes. There are perks to being a bride though and after the wedding all the bride perks end. Enjoy the ride a little. Let the bridal boutique pin your hair or put your heels on for you. Why not?

8. Undergarments are not just for girly-girls. 

Try a bridal bustier. It does wonders on the waistline and keeps the bust lifted. Also, you can sew your wedding dress to the bra to keep everything in place. It's worth taking an extra minute to get sized for the right undergarments before trying on. 

9. Weddings are only one day and so is the birth of a child, graduations, family reunions. 

Yes, your wedding will probably be around eight hours only. It is only one day. It is a significant day. This is a day you will think about possibly every day of your life for the rest of your life. You will remember the fine details of that day. Don't sell it short because its one day. Wedding day do overs/vow renewals are not cheap.

10. Go with the Bridal Stylist you like to work with.

This is a commitment. If you are having trouble connecting with your stylist or seeing them as a professional then they are not right for you. This purchase involves several months of communication with your stylist. 

I would love to hear your favorite tip! Please comment below.