An Interview with Siuleth, Owner of Eleven Note Stationery

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Meet Siuleth,

Owner of Eleven Note.

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How Siuleth started in the wedding industry.

Siuleth has always had a passion for design, presentation, and beautiful aesthetic. When she was working as a graphic designer for an interior design firm, she was asked to create wedding invitations for one of her coworker’s weddings. Through word of mouth and her natural eye and skill, she was asked by more and more coworkers to design their wedding invitations and stationery. Over time, she became more excited to create and design wedding stationery than her daily work because she loved the connection and loved the process of helping brides. Siuleth received an overwhelming amount of support from her co-workers and husband to take her passion to the next level and to design invitations full time. Her side hustle and hobby turned into a passion which then turned into a career and launching Eleven Note. 6 years later, Siuleth still has that deep passion for stationery. She pours her heart into her work and is fulfilled by every bride and groom she works with.

Wedding Trends Translating to Invitations and Stationery.
Siuleth shared with me that wedding trends do translate to stationery. Trending colors are typically what inspire invitations. While blush tones were popular, deep jewel tones and bold colors are now trending. These colors can be seen in stationery as a major element throughout the color story in your stationery, or as accents. Siuleth also mentioned the clients that prefer classic and timeless colors are also seen to be adding an eclectic twist in the details with texture, or incorporating a unique way to layer the pieces within the invitation suite, she described this as timeless, but current.

Many stationery companies offer designs that are available online. While you can find Siuleth’s designs on her social media and on her website (, her designs are not shoppable because she only creates custom designs that are unique to each client. However, she loves to share her custom work as inspiration for future couples to see the endless possibilities of creating a memorable experience for their wedding guests starting with their wedding invitations.  Upon meeting with clients, design and creativity are organic and fresh. Ideas are presented through conversation and the needs of the client. The couples that seek to work with Siuleth have an appreciation for artistic, handcrafted details and the bespoke design process.

Siuleth’s favorite color combination.

Siuleth loves black, grey, and white. She also loves deep moody colors and when invitations feature tone on tone details. She also shared her love for emerald and other jewel tones. She loves designing with these deep, bold colors because they are elegant and classic but have an edge.

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Her favorite design she has made so from 2018 for Eleven Note

Siuleth actually has two favorites! Her first favorite was a design for a couple that was having a mountain wedding. Understanding their wants and needs, but taking it to the next level. Siuleth began drafting ideas that gave an abstract feel of mountain wedding without using literal based graphics for the design. Continuing with this concept, she designed stationery that was layered with a balanced contrast of earthy textures and modern design. She loved that she was able to give the client what they wanted without using a literal approach and instead was inspired by their vision for a mix of elements reminiscent of their wedding venue.

Another favorite design she has made in 2019 was invitations for a bride wanting floral elements in the design. She described the couple as cool and modern, so she knew she needed to take their floral request to the next level. Instead of having graphics of florals, Siuleth hand-pressed jewel tone flowers for their invitations which featured a harmonious blend of soft textures to highlight the deep jewel tone colors of the suite. To complete the stationery, mini bouquets bundled the invitations creating a keepsake feel. Siuleth always takes her clients wants and needs and takes a modern and innovative approach. Fwe

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The number one question she receives from brides
Her most common questions are usually timing related. Questions may vary from “When should I have saved the dates and invitations mailed out?” “When should I (client) meet with you (Eleven Note)?” or “When should guests RSVP?”

To answer these questions:

·         Meet with Siuleth or your stationery designers as soon as you have booked your venue and set your wedding date and time (at least 6 months before your wedding date).

·         Invitations for local or destination weddings should be mailed out from 8 to 10 weeks before your wedding date. However, if you are having a destination wedding and want to give guests more time for invitations and RSVP, add 2 to 3 weeks for both. In Siuleth’s experience, if you give guests too much time, they will forget and RSVP last minute, despite best intentions.

·         Allot 4 to 6 weeks before your wedding date for the RSVP response date.

What inspires Siuleth?  
Siuleth is inspired by her clients and the heart behind their wedding day vision. She also shared with me she is inspired when a couple has wants and needs that aren’t seen as wedding details, but family details. She had a client that requested hints of pink throughout her stationery as a tribute to her mother who had passed away from cancer. Siuleth shared that couples often get wrapped up in planning and the whole aesthetic vision, that sometimes they forget their personal stories which are what makes a lot of the details so special. She loves to help create a clear vision for their wedding stationery design that incorporates what truly means the most to them and not just what is trending.  

 We have been receiving this question by many of our clients, so we wanted to get a professionals opinion on this, should clients include the dress code on the invitations? 

“If it [dresscode] is important, yes absolutely. If it is a formal event, then absolutely let your guests know. However, even if it’s not black tie formal, but you don’t want your guests to arrive in jeans and flip flops, then give them parameters of what to wear. I don’t always recommend dress code on the main card for the invitations. Instead, it is great to include a details card that has additional wedding information such as your wedding website, dress code, hotels, parking, etc.” - Siuleth

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What does Siuleth enjoy most about stationary?
Siuleth is a lover of people and stories. She loves storytelling with her couples to run ideas and concepts for design. Aside from Siuleth's skillset, custom designs allow her to work closely with her couples so they have exactly what they want. Siuleth said her heartfelt moments with clients often lead to laughter, and sometimes tears. Her talents and labors of love are not in vain, she loves the reaction of her clients when they see the final product.