How To Steam A Wedding Dress

Yesterday we did a steaming video for Facebook and Instagram Live. I thought I would recap here for our brides and vendors that would love a little cheat sheet for their wedding day.

Hire a Professional Gown Steaming Company

First and foremost. if you can hire a professional gown steaming company that is the right way to go. We have a company we work with closely in Orlando. Please reach out to us for information on their services. In the Orlando area, steaming is around $175 - $250. Normally they include the wedding dress and the bridal veil in their pricing. The reason to hire a professional is for peace of mind. Of course it’s an additional cost, but the more service providers you have on your wedding day the more you can relax. Some things are just worth the investment. A bridal gown steaming professional is familiar with different types of fabrics and designers. They are experts in prepping the dress for your wedding day.

If you can’t hire a professional to steam your wedding dress, ask a friend

Whether it is for budget reasons or because you are getting married on a remote island, hiring a professional is not always possible. The next best thing is asking a friend to help you with your wedding dress. It is important to bring this friend with you to your last wedding dress alterations fitting. They can discuss how to steam your wedding dress with the seamstress and bridal boutique. Also, they can learn how to bustle your wedding dress. Don’t consider steaming your wedding gown. It’s important to delegate. The dress is safest in a protective bag until your wedding day. On your wedding day you will be busy socializing, taking photos, and getting your bridal hair and makeup done. Steaming your wedding dress can take 1-3 hours depending on how long your train is. Make sure you are not the one doing it!

Buy a Brand New Steamer For Your Wedding Day

Steamers can run about $30 - $40. We have our favorite that we can recommend you. It is available for purchase on Amazon. Never rely on a resort to have a steamer ready for you. You never know how clean their steamer is and if it was last used on dark clothing. The investment is small for a new steamer and it’s something you can use in the future. Make sure to use bottled water as well. Don’t use tap water.

Don’t Obsess Over Every Wrinkle on Your Wedding Dress

I get it, it’s your wedding day and you want everything to be perfect. Making sure your dress is wrinkle free is pretty high on the list. Most dresses steam out really nicely. Some have a natural wrinkle to them that will never go away. Those tend to be the more structured fabrics like the silk faille, satins, and taffetas. Luckily, the photography style at the moment is very airy and blown out. This will soften any wrinkles.

When the dress is being steamed it is important that it is done in a quick circular motion. For the stubborn wrinkles, leave them and come back. You don’t want too much heat on one particular part of the dress for too long of a time. Work on an area and then come back to it.

Watch our steaming video here for more information! We look forward to our next “How To” video!