An interview with our Fashion Director Jamie O'Neill!

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TBF Owner, Tali sat down and interviewed Jamie O’Neill, our Fashion Director! Jamie writes our blog, generates marketing ideas, and creates annual fashion presentations in our store for clients and vendors. During our interview, Jamie shares her biggest tips for real brides, her experience in the industry, and what’s new at The Bridal Finery

How would you describe your personal style? I like clean lines and color blocking. I also wear a lot of black. My go to brands are J.Crew, Zara, and vintage shops. My go to consignment shops are Avalon Exchange and Ivia Retro.

What is your advice to a bride before they start shopping for their dress? Always trust your bridal stylist and ask as many questions as possible if you feel unsure about something. If you are not an online shopper, I don’t recommend looking online for wedding gown inspiration. Photos may be heavily photoshoped and dresses may look different in person. I do recommend shopping with an open mind, don’t put yourself in a box with dress styles. Your bridal stylist may show you different gown styles that you have never thought of for you.

Why do you love the bridal industry? It’s a time in your life when everything is really exciting and new. Men and women enter a new phase and chapter in life so the bridal industry stands for change. I am very close to my friends and family, and I love that weddings and wedding gowns celebrate heritage, culture, and tradition.

Who are your favorite bridal designers to follow on Instagram? I love following Oscar De La Renta, Monique Lhuillier, and Love My Dress. For wedding design inspiration, I love following WedLuxe Magazine.

How would you shop for your wedding dress? I have been in the bridal industry for 5 years so I have tried on hundreds of gowns. Because so many people have seen me in wedding gowns I would want to keep my dress a surprise until the wedding day. I would bring my mom and sister to my appointment. I would want to book a 10 am appointment so we can enjoy brunch after and enjoy the day. When I shop, in general, I’m a goal oriented person. I can tell right away if I really like something. I would try on a few dresses and then make a decision. I’m experienced based. If I work with a good sales associate at the mall, I tend to like the pieces more and make a decision.

What are your favorite brunch places? Santiago’s Bodega in Ivanhoe, Soco, and Plant Street Market where Crooked Can is. The pizza they have at Plant St. is really good.

What do people not know about the bridal industry? There is a lot of hard work that goes into working in a bridal store. I think people think it is fun and maybe don’t think about all the behind the scenes and hard work that goes into everything. There are a lot of things that happen in the day-to-day to make a bridal store successful.

How many bridal fashion weeks in NY have you attended? 7. Going through that experience, what is something you learned? Everything looks the same after a while. When you are shopping, after time, you can get confused and it is exhausting. You start to forget what your favorites are. You may think one is better than the other. It makes me think of real brides shopping for their wedding gown, if you are shopping at multiple stores, the same thing can happen, it is very overwhelming and less is more.

What is new at The Bridal Finery? We are constantly receiving new dresses. We have our newest employee, Meaghan. So exciting! We have a finalized concept of our store, we are focusing on fashion-forward, savvy brides. We are always staying ahead of new ideas, trends, and finding better ways to service our brides. There is always something new.

What are special projects you are working on? Currently? During this interview I’m multitasking and steaming new arrival gowns, haha. In the next coming weeks, we are finalizing a venue and concept for our fashion show presentation. We are a new concept bridal boutique and we have a new spin on fashion shows. It is available to everyone with internet access. Also, I’m working on our blog and featuring real brides and trends. I’m working along side Tali and Roberta to find new innovative ways to access the most sought after dresses.