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Photo by KV Photography. Talking shop at Buttermilk Bakery

Photo by KV Photography. Talking shop at Buttermilk Bakery

Growing up, my mom always bought me practical things for my birthday and for the holidays. I was always a pretty simple kid and didn’t really have wish lists . When she would surprise me with her hacks and tools for easy living, I was always excited to test them out. Where she learned of all these gadgets, I’m not really sure. I’m sure “Oprah’s Favorite Things” had something to do with it. Throughout my time as a bridal stylist, I’ve discovered essential, must have items brides should consider for their wedding day. I’ll continue to update this list as we discover new items. Every dress and wedding is different. Some items may not be necessary, but they are worth taking a look. I hope this is a great resource for you!

Backless Adhesive Bra. Due to the trend of backless gowns, this can be a lifesaver for a bust lift. You may want to consider buying two packets. One to use for the alteration appointments and a fresh new one for wedding day.

Still Standing Spray for High Heel Discomfort. Roberta and I discovered Still Standing spray when we were in New York for Bridal Fashion Week. It is a mild pain reliever you spray on your feet before you put your heels on. In my personal experience, it takes the pain level from a 7 down to a 3. It’s worth a try! Anything to help you through the day.

Foot Anti Blister Balm . We obviously like our designer shoes. The prettiest shoes are not always the most comfortable. Do yourself a favorite and try out still standing and foot anti blister balm during your alteration fittings. See what eases the pain the most.

Tech Stain Remover for a Mishap at the Wedding. We started using this product two months ago and love it! Of course every fabric is different so be super careful. I suggest testing a spot at the end of your hem. You may need to steam out the area after the Tech Remover is applied.

Fashion Tape. I think at this point, we have all heard of fashion tape. I love Hollywood Fashion Tape because it is very tried and true. They were one of the first to develop the product. This is a must. You never know who will need it at the wedding.

Seamless Panties by Hanky Panky. We all struggle with finding ways to hide those panty lines. I have seen the most success when my brides have purchased Hanky Panky Barre. I recommend purchasing the pack of three just to see what color works best underneath your wedding gown. They are seriously the most comfortable panties ever, so you will wear them. I suggest going up one size. It’s actually best if they are a little big on you.

Nippies Skin Nipplecovers. If you don’t need the extra support and you just need to cover the nippies, this is our go to brand. We personally use this product for everyday clothing. This is a must with a clean crepe gown just to make sure you don’t scare the fam when you are giving out hugs.

Push Up Invisible Strapless Bra, Reusable Bras For Women Deep U-Shaped Backless Silicone Bra For Dress. I don’t think a week goes by without or seamstress recommending this produce for our low back open dress. This our go to when the backless adhesive bra listed above is just not cutting it.

Solemate Heel Protectors. If you getting married outside, this is a must. Why not protect your wedding shoes that took forever to find. This can help prevent grass stains. It may help when having to waddle through cobblestones as well.

Spray Protector for your Shoes. For the outdoors wedding this spray can help keep your shiny new shoes clean. Spray a little on the heel to test. This works well for suede leather shoes.

Travel Steamer. We recommend hiring a steaming company to steam out your dress, veil, and bridesmaid dresses. When you are getting married in a remote location, that may not be an option. We recommend this travel steamer. We use this steamer at The Bridal Finery. Make sure to use bottled water.

Please check back to see new items added. Also, if you have a product that has worked for you, please email me or comment below. I would love to learn about it.

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Photo by KV Photography. Jamie O’Neill, Roberta Noronha, and Tali Gallo. This was taken right outside of our Winter Park bridal boutique.

Photo by KV Photography. Jamie O’Neill, Roberta Noronha, and Tali Gallo. This was taken right outside of our Winter Park bridal boutique.