Wedding headpieces & crowns that are perfect for the unique and fashion-forward bride

Bridal in 2018 is not the same as bridal years ago. Today, brides are encouraged to celebrate their individual style on their wedding day with their wedding gown & accessories. Wedding dresses and accessories range in different styles, colors, and sizes. This season, Maria Elena designed a bridal accessory line that is perfect for any bride; classic, edgy, and eclectic. Below are two different types of hairpieces that are for the unique and fashion-forward bride.


Crowns are perfect for the bride that wants sparkle & shine on her wedding day. Maria Elena is known worldwide for her crowns. What many don’t know is the first piece Maria Elena ever made was a crown for her daughter! Typically, crowns are often seen as a royal or traditional accessory pieces on a wedding day. however, staying on trend, Maria Elena’s crowns range from classic to fashion forward because she designs her crowns with an array of Swarovski crystals, pearls, and different metal plating options. Maria Elena’s Fashion Director, Gisele Del Busto, styled her crowns this season with a sexy Inbal Dror wedding gown to show brides that you don’t have to wear a ball gown to wear a crown on your wedding day.

Unique and Unexpected Hairpieces

In addition to crowns, Maria Elena is known for her unique headpieces. The Maria Elena Fall 2019 collection, showcases headpieces that are perfect for the edgy and boho bride. Bridal caps and celestial elements were introduced in this collection as well. These pieces are meant to be worn again because of their ‘anti-bride’ design and runway aesthetic. These pieces are perfect for the bride who wants an effortless wedding gown but a killer accessory piece.

These pieces and many more by Maria Elena are available at The Bridal Finery now. To schedule your accessories appointment. Click here.