5 Ways Bridesmaids Can Help With Your Wedding Dress

More and more clients are going solo wedding dress shopping. It is totally normal to feel overwhelmed or stressed about the possibility of being critiqued in every single dress. Also, chances are your whole bridal party doesn't live in the same city. Then, the guilt sets in. Well if you invite one of the bridesmaids, the rest need to feel included. There are plenty of other ways to involve your bridesmaids with your wedding dress. Once you've asked your bridesmaids to be apart of their bridal party, let them know how they can help with the wedding planning and the wedding dress. 

Here are five ways bridesmaids can help besides going shopping with you to find the wedding dress:

Attend a Bridal Alterations Fitting

Details are everything when it comes to weddings. During alteration fittings, the final details on the wedding dress are finalized. The seamstress discusses custom changes, adding cups, and bustle options. Having a bridesmaid with you for feedback can be really helpful when making these decisions. 

Learn How to Bustle the Wedding Dress

After the dress is completely altered we schedule a pick up appointment with the seamstress. During this appointment the seamstress reviews how to bustle your wedding dress. Traditionally, the maid of honor learns the bustle and will do it on the day of the wedding. If you don't have a maid-of-honor, assign this role to a crafty bridesmaid.  It's better to assign this responsibility before walking into your pick up appointment. If your bridesmaids don't live in the same city, we can take a video of your bustle and send it to them. 

Search for the Bridal Hanger

You found a designer wedding dress and now you need a custom hanger. There are so many resources online for beautiful bridal hangers. A signature bridal hanger can really make all the difference in your wedding photos. This would be a fun decision for a bridesmaid that likes to shop and be in charge. 

Steam Your Wedding Dress on Wedding Day

The wedding dress is steamed in the last fitting; however, once you transport the dress home and to the wedding venue there is a high chance it will need to be steamed again. We recommend hiring a steaming company for the day of or assigning this role to a bridesmaid. Check with us on the fabrication of the dress to make sure it can be steamed. Majority of dresses can be steamed and don't need pressing. Just make sure your bridesmaid checks with the wedding planner and venue to see if they can have a steamer accessible on the day of. If not, any portable steamer will do. Make sure she uses bottled water. 

Loop the Buttons on the Wedding Dress

The dress is zipped and right before you walk down the aisle, the buttons need to be looped. Assign this to a bridesmaid that knows how to sew or is good with her hands. I recommend they purchase a crochet hook to make it easier. Looping buttons can be challenge especially if your nails are manicured. 

will you be my bridesmaid champagne flutes 

... and thank your bridesmaids! 

Saying yes to being a bridesmaid is a timely and financial commitment. Thank your bridesmaids by sending them surprise gifts and showering them with pretty little things. 


Photo by Amalie Orrange Photography | Styling by Busy Bee