Complete Your Look from E to G: On Harmonizing Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Gown (Part I)

Real bride wearing Monique Lhuillier wedding gown from Orlando 

Written by Real Bride Kristina Taylor

 “It’s our anniversary…what are some of your favorite moments from these last five years?” 

“Hmm…our Pacific Coast Highway road trip is a definitely one of my favorites. And seeing Cameron grow up before our eyes – spending time together, moving in, all those small moments together, really. What about you?” 

“Yeah, all of those are great. But this, this right here definitely has to be my favorite.” 

And there he was. At sunset. Down on one knee. 

That moment – the proposal – is truly one of the most amazing, emotional, surprising moments of one’s life. I vividly recall looking down at my now-husband and shifting my view from partner-in-crime these past five years to the man I would be spending the rest of my life with. 

Orlando bride engaged with wedding ring and band wedding dress 


Just as there is the honeymoon phase in a new marriage, as a recent Bride, I can attest to the same overwhelming joy immediately following a recent engagement. You try to enjoy it as much as you can, bottling up that over-the-moon bliss of this life changing moment, but before you know it in a blink of an eye you’re three weeks engaged and diving right into wedding planning mode. The questions of venues and menus, photographers and videographers suddenly weigh heavier than the new rock on your finger. 

Quiet moments to reflect on the true purpose of The Big Day seem few and far between in the wedding planning process, with contracts and vendor availability looming around every corner. 

For me, I was able to find these pockets of tranquility in choosing my wedding gown. 

I wanted to be sure my wedding dress not only showcased my personality, but took into consideration my Fiancé’s style and preferences, too. For months, he took carefully sneaky notes about the vision I had for my engagement ring, saving every extra penny, hacking my Pinterest board and discussing options with my sister. My oval trinity engagement ring is a dream, and was designed with me completely in mind. I wanted to be sure I didn’t take this thoughtfulness on his part for granted (not to mention the selfless cost of an engagement ring before saving for a wedding, too.) 

engagement ring with her wedding dress 


My Bliss by Monique Lhuillier wedding gown was purchased off-the-rack, in the meticulous care of Tali and her fantastic team. Her eye for style was able to source my picture-perfect dress – under budget – that captured how I envisioned my Fiancé would first see me walking down the aisle. The classic fit, dainty lace trim, and modest flair down the train flawlessly complemented the design details of my engagement ring: delicate, elegant, graceful. 

In retrospect, coming full circle from my Fiancé designing my engagement ring to me choosing elements in my wedding gown that matched effortlessly was completely serendipitous. My advice to any soon-to-be or recent Brides: don’t take these details for granted. 

If you’re already ring shopping together, take notes of the cut, color, band, and basket of the ring you land on, and think of how you can apply those same features in your dream dress. 

If you prefer to be surprised like me, it’s easy to start visualizing (or Pinning) a dress you’ll love that matches your engagement ring perfectly with those “*helpful hints* you leave around. 

Amidst all the stress and unpredictability that comes with planning a wedding, one constant should always remain: you chose one another. Look down at the ring on your finger and keep that in mind through every unforeseen hurdle. 

Take this moment, so that when you look back on the wedding planning process, you can say that finding the perfect wedding gown in harmony with your engagement ring was definitely one of your favorites. 

Next week, we’ll Stacey Papp from Bay Hill Jewelers for her advice on where to begin when designing your engagement ring and wedding gown in tandem.

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