White vs. Color In Your Wedding Dress

The changing tides of colored wedding dresses

The tides in an endless ocean of ivory dresses are changing. When choosing a wedding dress there is so much to consider, the Silhouettes, Necklines, Waistlines, Embellishments, Fabric, Hem, Train. Whatever your preference may be, colors in wedding dresses have been a feature that most brides stay away from. A classic white wedding dress is always going to be timeless and beautiful. However, the concept of color has slowly been reintroduced into the world of wedding gowns. Like most things, there are pros and cons to each option for your wedding day.

Why Go For a Traditional Wedding Dress

When people hear traditional they think of the classic white wedding. However, tradition does not have to mean boring. A classic wedding dress brings elegance to weddings. Classic dresses give the bride that clean, fresh look. Lace detailing is all the rage for these dresses and typically don’t have a lot of sparkles added to them. One of the pros for having a simple dress is that you don’t get lost in it. The dress still looks beautiful but lets the bride remain the main attraction. Also with simple dress brides have an easier time picking out accessories. Having the option to go wild with accessories is also a huge pro with going for a traditional looking dress.

Sareh nouri colorful wedding dress in silk faille with bow detail

Why Color is the Best Option For Your Wedding

Color wedding dresses are newly accepted and more and more brides are opting for this choice to add a distinctive style of their own to their wedding dress. Dresses are a statement no matter the color, however white is not the only option anymore for a world full of brides that aren’t all the same. Most commonly colored wedding dresses range from a color that is not so drastic like champagne to a statement color like yellow or black. Another recent trend that is the perfect compromise is an Ombre dress. This is when there is a hint of another color that gradually builds from the middle of the dress down, getting denser with color as you get closer to the bottom. Dresses like these can make a woman not only have the spotlight on their wedding day but add a boost in confidence. Some women are even hand dying their dresses to give it that one of a kind looks to add another layer of depth. Recently in the Hayley Paige Bridal Spring 2018 collection, this idea of color in the wedding dress and the different ways in which you can incorporate them was highlighted in most of the dresses. Designer Sareh Nouri makes several of her dresses in blushes, peony pinks, orchid purples, and ivories. The wedding dresses featured here are by Sareh Nouri. 


Sareh nouri wedding dress with bow in silk faille